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Welcome to E-CashWorld!

E-CashWorld (Translink Ltd, UK) facilitates payments for its group of casinos. Charges made on these casinos will appear on your statement as E-CashWorld.

E-CashWorld is dedicated to providing secure and efficient e-cash (electronic cash) transactions that offer state-of-the-art protection to the cardholder. Our service uses 128-bit encryption to ensure our customers can use their cards online worry-free. At this very moment, thousands upon thousands of people are making purchases with absolute ease and peace of mind, knowing their credit card numbers are safe with us.

On a social level, the Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Family, friends and colleagues can communicate instantly through email and real-time IRC, regardless of their geographical location. With the introduction of E-commerce and E-cash, the business and financial community can also enjoy this convenience. Presently in fact, E-commerce has surpassed being simply convenient; it has become a necessity. A Company without E-commerce capability simply cannot compete in today's world.

IFUND-ECASHWORLD: E-CashWorld (Translink Ltd, UK) facilitates online merchant payments. Charges made on at these merchants will appear on your statement as “E-CashWorld”.


Latest News

01 - Jul - 2002
Now processing in Pounds Sterling. Please note, that from 01/Jul/02 your purchase may be made in either US dollars or in British Pounds.

Please contact E-CashWorld support should you have any questions.

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