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General Information

Although E-CashWorld's services are available to customers globally, all funds are converted to USD (American dollars).

Accounts are encrypted with complex algorithms to render confidential information practically indecipherable to a hacker. The coding encryption's vary from merchant to merchant, however most claim to have systems comparable to those used by banks. It is due to increasingly sophisticated encryption technology that online purchasing has become safer to use every day.

Limits and Services Fees:
Our service allows for any purchase amount between $20.00 to $1000.00 per transaction in increments of $10.00. This is an arbitrary limit set by E-CashWorld in order to facilitate record keeping both for the customer, and our accounting department.

E-CashWorld does not charge a fee for its services. However, the transfer of electronic cash is considered a cash-advance by credit card companies and most issuing banks. All customers are urged to consult with their financial institution for additional fees associated with the purchase of cash for the Internet.

Latest News

30/08/00 - Launched our improved, updated website!

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